I have two things off the needles right now. 
My passages cowl in the very pretty Gregoria Fibers. I just love how light and airy it turned out. 
I can't wait to put this on. The color is so beautiful and it has a hint of halo thanks to the alpaca.
The second is my Swedish Spring

I cast this on a whim after I received my very lovely quince yarn in their new colors. 
This was a very easy pattern to follow, it was charted which I love and literally flew off the needles. 
Of course I had other projects that needed attending too but once I started knitting this I hardly stopped at all. Just needs to be blocked.. maybe when I'm done with my tea. 
what goes best with knitting, why tea of course. I am a herbal tisane addict but I do love my chai. 
tea tea otherwise known as chai tea…
did you know that? chai is the hindi word for tea so everytime we say chai tea we're really just saying tea tea.. its the little things amuse me!
It's no secret that I love coffee and have a deep love affair with tea. I love chai and so does my hubby. 
Every chai available at the grocery stores is different though, some use fennel, some are heavy on the pepper. The Oprah chai from teavana is pretty good. 
Awhile back I decided to make my own homemade brew, I found this recipe.
 I use it as sort of a formula since I've modified mine to suit my tastes, I like my chai heavy on the fresh ginger and cinnamon, no sweetener, darjeeling loose leaf and almond milk instead. 
I've even infused my spice jar with vanilla pods. YUM! 
One of the best things about chai and making your own at home is the scent. Evokes all things autumn and cozy! I make enough to store in a little mason jar and use a couple of tsp as needed. 
I encourage you all to give it a try. Your home will smell spicy and sweet and your tastebuds will thank you. 
Along with my love of chai, I do like a lot of things that come from India. I love their food and some of the movies! If you do too, you might like giving these a try if you haven't already,

Amazing movie, Monsoon Wedding
Another must watch movie, Water
Beautiful photography and all about chai, Chaiwallahs of India
Great documentary series, The Story Of India
Another good documentary series which is very recent, India's Frontier Railways
Really good food blog, Indian Simmer
funny, sweet and very charming tv show, The Indian Doctor

While tea and knitting go well together, so do tea & reading.. 
right now I have "The Forest Unseen" on my nightstand and I'm enjoying it!

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stitching of all kinds

Started the day off bright and early today, with coffee and muffin in hand, we drove down to Malibu and walked the beach for awhile with the dogs. Just David, the dogs and I but for a couple of surfers brave enough to be in the water. 
The beach was littered with these really pretty jellyfish, when I wasn't looking my little dog ate a few I'm sure, hope she doesn't get sick. They aren't toxic or anything but they were everywhere. They're called Velella or By the Wind jellyfish because of their little blue sail. 

All week I've been working on a few of my projects but mostly on some embroidery. 
I have to say knitterly friends are the best, and I've received the most lovely compliments on 
my projects. If you're not on instagram then you might not know that I am selling some of my completed hoops. Its not going to be a business or anything like that. I just really like to embroider as much as I like to knit and I want to be able to share the things that I make. 
I know that there are crafters out there who will appreciate a handmade gift and don't embroider, so I guess that's where I come in. Anyway if any of you at all are interested in a hoop just let me know. 
The three below are available, $15 plus shipping. 

This hoop is a case of life imitates art or art imitating life.. I'm sure all you sock knitters out there would agree that this is a great little saying! This particular hoop is a little more, $20 plus shipping just because of some the little details.. 

I do want to say that I can and will do custom work if asked. Just throwing it out there…
Anyway onto other lovely things.. I couldn't help myself when I saw that Quince & Co added new colors to their tern line.. and I love pink so I had to order the rose quartz color. I love it!! 
No project in mind, maybe some socks with a fun stitch pattern. 

Last week I got the nicest project from Nina of the Fuzzyloveknots podcast. The shawl she knit me is so pretty, and I am just in love with the scallop edging. I love me some scallops! It was part of a swap that we did and she should be getting my package hopefully soon… 
Other things that I am loving right now…
this playlist,
this book,
this show,
this podcast
this album.