summer is gone, fall is coming soon!

where has the summer gone? 
august came and went and it happened all within a single blink of an eye..
I love September. I love the fall. It will be awhile yet before the weather turns cool here and all things are brown and very dry everywhere you go because of the heat. 
No matter though, the chai spice tea has made its way out of the cupboard. I can't drink it during the summer, doesn't seem right somehow. Pumpkin spice is everywhere all of a sudden. I love it!
Its been awhile since my last post, but not much has been happening. 
I have been here, knitting, cross stitching and reading away. Re-reading Outlander and watching the tv show.. sigh …all I can say is kilts, yes Please!
On my nightstand are a few titles I am enjoying at the moment. Halfway through The Winter Witch right now.
Completed a couple of projects and others were started, stopped and frogged.
 Sometimes you think you have it right but half way through you realize its just isn't the right yarn or color.. 
My latest finished project is the Whispering Pines shawl. I started it and finished it within one weekend.. sometimes projects go so fast for me, can't put it down, like a good book when I will read to the early hours of the morning... It flew off the needles. Plus I love the inspiration behind the pattern. Inspired by on of my favorite poems..
the feeling I have when I am in the middle of something I love doing like reading or knitting….
 miles to go before I sleep!
Another project off the needles recently is my Clothilde shawl. I always love working with quince & co yarn… I have said it before but it blocks so nicely.
A WIP at the moment is Aranami.
 I have been wanting to do this shawl for such a long time now. Such a clever pattern and I just like so much the look of it… So many color possibilities. I love all the finished projects.
Knit picks palette seemed perfect for this particular pattern because of all the color choices.
For a little more color I also cast on the Shaelyn shawl. I have had this pattern in my queue for awhile and I am also using knit picks palette for this project. 
Autumn Heather is the name of the color and I love it, its so beautiful to me. I just love rust colors so much. 
I hope you are having a lovely weekend and please enjoy my playlist this week!

fall is here... by lovelifeandpictures on Grooveshark


For a little change my hubby and I drove down to Long Beach for the antique flea market. 
We usually stick to the ones close to home but
even if you don't find anything its so fun to people watch and look through all the great stuff and eat at the food trucks. 
Some items are cheap and most are over-priced but through all the booths if you look carefully you just might find somethings worth spending your money on. I managed to find a new little coffee table/trunk.
Its painted all chippy and light sage green with great storage! I also brought home a couple of plates, a pink tea tray, a vintage framed botanical print in a chippy frame and some new bedside tables painted white with light grey drawers and clear crystal knobs. 
Sometimes all takes is something old to make things new again! 
It is fortunate that this flea market is only once a month otherwise I might go broke. 
This past week has seen a tiny bit of knitting, a lot of frogging, some casting on and nothing finished. 
The biggest thing would be that I started a sock yarn scrappy patchy blanket. 
I always like the idea of these blankets but never thought I would have the patience
to knit one. I started with one square to see what all the fuss was about 
then slowly another and another. It is very addicting. Soon I was going 
through all my stash and organizing all my leftovers. It took over me! what can I say!
I decided to knit 5x5 31 stitch squares and knit a simple 4 row garter stitch border. The plan is that all the squares will be different miss matchy and eventually down the road, and I mean way down the road, 
all the squares will be stitched together. 
If any body would like to contribute or swap mini skeins with me, pm me on ravelry!!
I am also participating in the Pebble Beach Shawlette Kal. I really love the pattern, its looks simple yet very pretty. I am using Miss Babs tarte in Beachglass. I had this particular yarn designated for a previous project but as I mentioned earlier
I have done some frogging. Sometimes projects get started and the yarn just isn't right or you lose the motivation… oh well. I really love this yarn though, its really nice. If you have never tried it, I would highly recommend it.
I have one secret test knit that I can't share yet probably not until this fall but I can tell you that I am knitting with Brooklyn Tweed Shelter and I love love love it so far! 
Its going to be a very cozy wrap.
Knitting a shawl in worsted weight is so amazingly fast and most of all the color will be great
whenever, IF ever the weather cools down around here.
Its hard to think of fall shawl weather at the moment since it seems that California is in such a drought but 
July is already almost over so autumn is literally right around the corner.. at least in my mind.
I am also test knitting another lovely shawl and when its complete I will have pictures but I'll keep it secret for now since its almost finished.
I really like test knitting, I suppose that makes me somewhat of a process knitter. I love the process!
I love to read patterns sometimes, is that weird? I am constantly amazed by knitting designers and
what they can achieve with just simple knit & purls. I could never do what they do.
Lately I have been reading a lot , currently I am half way into The Discovery of Witches.
And on my days off binge watching Restoration Home via you tube and re-watching Endeavour, because season 2 is playing now on PBS.
I am a BIG Inspector Morse & Inspector Lewis fan so this is right up my alley! I am adding this book to my queue once I am finished reading my current book because I saw the preview here and I can't wait!
 If any of you are Avett Brothers fans or just fans of banjo type acoustic bluegrass folksy music like myself, you might like the new album by Trampled by Turtles. Just a suggestion….
Its been playing over and over.